Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

May 19 -21, 2017
San Mateo, CA

The 12th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area was another great Maker experience.  This year was different, as I was not in a booth - I wandered around aimlessly and saw all my favorite Makers and all of their very cool projects.  It was really relaxing and inspiring to see what was going on in the Maker community and catch up with friends!

I had a presentation on the Make: Education stage - "Kids + Making = A New Kind of Education,"  discussing my experience in introducing making to the Lucia Mar School District.  It was a great audience that asked a lot of interesting questions.  Thanks always to Dale Dougherty, Sheri Huss and the team for another great Faire!
At the Make: Education Stage
Be a Maker!

A great audience of friends, teachers, and families

"Kids + Making = A New Kind of Education"

New friends from Taiwan!
Thanks, Sheri!
Thanks, Dale!
OMMMMKARRRRRRR!!!!! from O Watch
Oh, Dad
Omar Soubra from Sketch Up
Masakazu Takasu from everywhere

Bob Martin from Microchip, Artie Beavis from Arduino

Alex Glow from
Erik Thorstensson from Strawbees
Bill Young from ShopBot
Josh Chan from Light Up
Josef Prusa of Prusa Research 3D Printer fame

Violet Su from SEEED
Rich Cameron from Nonscriptum with
the coolest little printer ever - the "Q"
Grant Imahara from Mythbusters.  We were in
the same issue of Make magazine!
David Patterson, Father of Computer Science (RISC) -
the guy who wrote The Book
Joan Horvath from Nonscriptum
David Mellis from Arduino

Massimo Banzi from Arduino

And last, but not least, Schuyler St. Leger and Thomas Suarez from WiTag
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