Quin's Engineering Camp

August 3, 2017

Arroyo Grande, CA

I held the first "Quin's Engineering Camp" during the Arroyo Grande Recreation Department Summer Camp for kids, K-6th grade.  With my friends, Hoang Le, Grace Yribarren, Jared Loayza, and Cesare Cacitti, my maker friend from Italy, I taught 8 one hour long activities over 4 days, all hands on, learning about principles of mechanical, electric, and aeronautical engineering. 25-60 kids participated in each session which was wild and a ton of fun.  We made paper helicopters and planes, stick grabber, catapults, and Squishy Circuits.  Great stuff!!  Special thanks to Brenda Barrow, Carrie Van Beveren and the staff of the AG Rec Department for their assistance and allowing us to bring in the activities.   And also, thanks to Lance Akiyama from Lance Makes on instructables.com, AnnMarie Thomas from Squishy Circuits , the Exploratorium, and  Mr. Useful on youtube.com for their incredible open source projects and instructions to make this so much easier for us. Great job, kids!

Prepping materials for the stick grabber
It was a cool contraption!

About physics and engineering

Jared teaching

Does it light up?


Hoang and students

Scissor skills necessary

Quin and airplane pilot

Grace teaching about helicopters

Quin and compatriots


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