The Qduino Mini and the Open Source Oceanographic Community

Dr. Andrew David Thaler is a deep-sea ecologist and population geneticist currently at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. He incorporated the Qduino Mini in his Open CTD project (Conductivity, temperature, and depth), an affordable, open-source robot that can replace a very expensive piece of equipment commonly used in oceanographic research. This is exactly what the Qduino Mini is meant for - open source projects! So happy it is used in this very cool invention!

Here are some photos from his Github repository detailing the project with some great pics of the Qduino Mini:
Ian Black is a graduate student at Oregon State University also using open source tech in his oceanographic research for the Ocean Observatories Initiative. He developed his own CTDizzleMk1 utilizing the Qduino Mini in November 2016, and now is testing the CTDizzleMk2.
CTDizzleMk2 with the Qduino Mini

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