SLO Mini Maker Faire 2014

SLO had their second annual Mini Maker Faire on May 10, 2014. It was even bigger than last year!

I had prepared a project with XBees and FuzzBots, an obstacle course.

I debuted my Qtechknow Olympics with the Fuzzbot challenge. It was a complex project with 2 Fuzzbots racing to run over targets wired with pressure sensors. It used XBee for communication between the robots and the controllers.

There were also flex sensors attached to an old VW bug that counted a point when the Fuzzbot ran into it.

Even Mr. Hogeboom, our school district superintendent, dropped by!

Big thanks to my friends at SparkFun who provided most of the parts for this, and Rob Faludi of Digi who helped me with the coding. Thinking about modifications for next week…

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