Qtechknow launches Kickstarter: Qduino Mini

The Qduino Mini Kickstarter has launched!!! This Arduino-compatible mini board that has a battery charging circuit and a battery monitor is perfect for embedding in projects and is unique in its size and rechargeable circuit.
SparkFun Electronics is the sole manufacturer and shipping center. I'm so lucky to be working with such a great company on this. There is a whole team helping me out!
The goal was $12,500, and we started quickly. It became a Kickstarter staff pick within an hour of posting and reached the goal in a short 29 hours! We still have 29 days to get more backers.
The Qduino Mini has been featured on many sites, including: SparkFun Electronics, Atmel, Kickstarter Blog, boingboing, Crashspace, EDN network, Geekmom, Geekdad, instructables (Feb 24th facebook post), Geeky Gadgets, ISTE and Robot Magazine so far.

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