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Quin Etnyre of Qtechknow Creates the Qduino Mini

MARCH 10, 2015 (Pismo Beach, CA) - The 14-year-old founder of Qtechknow, Quin Etnyre, launched his first Kickstarter, on February 24 and reached his funding goal in only 29 hours. Etnyre created the Qduino Mini, a small processing board compatible with the popular Arduino, the inexpensive and accessible electronics platform used by tech hobbyists and Makers (DIYers) around the world.

Etnyre introduced the Qduino Mini via Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website that encourages backers to build a community around companies and products by preordering and “kickstarting” their ideas. He achieved his original funding goal of $12,500, and with two weeks left in the campaign, the project has topped $30,000 with 544 backers, an exciting accomplishment for such a small company founded by a teen. His new goal is $50,000 with further opportunities for supporters to back his project on Kickstarter.

Quin has been developing the Qduino Mini project for more than a year, detailing everything from the design and layout of the printed circuit board, to web page design and marketing plans. His sole manufacturer and shipping center is SparkFun, an electronics retailer and manufacturer in Boulder, Colorado.

The Qduino Mini is unique with its small size, and utilizing a small lithium polymer battery with a charge monitor allowing the user to know when power is needed. This is very convenient for hobbyists and inventors who create projects that embed the Qduino Mini to control its electronics, such as sensing objects or temperature, movement, or display.

The Qduino Mini is the product of Quin’s interests and goal of making electronics accessible to everyone. “I believe everyone, at any age, can be a maker as long as they have the right tools,” says Etnyre. His company, Qtechknow, sells plug and play Arduino compatible sensors and boards that make it easy for beginners and convenient for experts for use in their electronics projects.

Nathan Seidle, the CEO of SparkFun says, “We’ve been working with Quin for a few years now. Every time we give him a new technological challenge he goes off, makes an impressively sophisticated product, then asks for more input. He’s so astoundingly talented we often forget we’re working with someone who can’t yet drive! Quin has the skills to build amazing things ‘now’ and will become a powerful change for good in the coming years. We’re honored to work with him and to build the Qduino.”

About Qtechknow and Quin Etnyre:
Qtechknow was founded in 2012 by Quin. He carries 20 products in his online store at After attending his first Maker Faire in 2011, Quin’s interest in inventing and electronics grew rapidly, and he began inventing new electronics products, teaching Arduino classes, presenting at Maker Faires around the world, and documenting his projects on where he has shared 28 projects with over 480,000 views. He was honored to be invited to the first White House Maker Faire in 2014 and demonstrate his robotics game.

Contact Person: Karen Mikuni (mother)
P.O. Box 1442
Pismo Beach, CA 93448
Photos or videos available on request

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