My First Consulting Job: The Peak Lamp Kickstarter

The Peak Lamp Kickstarter was my first consulting gig. I was asked to participate by Dan Makoski, founder of the Google's Project Ara and David Khavari, a new friend who had just graduated from Stanford. I had met Dan at the Project Ara conference when I was 13. Dan and David developed Peak, an interactive lamp that helps form better habits, and asked me to develop a prototype. I used my Qduino Mini and came up with a working prototype within the week. I brainstormed with Cesare Cacitti, my Italian friend from Maker Faire Rome, who was visiting at the time. It was fun to be in the role of a consultant and toss ideas around and prototype so quickly. Ultimately, the Kickstarter came tantalizing close to funding, but it was still a great experience.
alt alt Even better was Dan's take on the journey, here in his article on Medium. He explains how working with younger people is a valid way to do business in his article on Medium:

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