MFBA 2013 Recap with New Products

Maker Faire was a blast!  I got to talk about my Open Source Education and got to meet some awesome people!

On to the new products... First up there is the new SparkFun + Qtechknow ArduSensors Learning Kit!!!  This was a collaboration between Quin and the awesome SparkFun guys.  SparkFun is selling this, but we have all of the tutorials to get you started.  Included are the ArduSensor Button, Flex, Force, Fart, Knock, Light, Magnet, Temperature, and the ArduSensor Shield.  An awesome kit for only $55!  Get to learn all about sensors and focus on the software side of Arduino!!!  A great kit for both beginners who don't know what an Arduino is, and for advanced users that love a new bunch of sensors!

Next up we have the first ever Qtechknow T-Shirt in Navy Blue!  You can get your own Qtechknow t-shirt and look official today!  Comes with the 'Qtechknow' text, 'Mighty Q' logo on the front, and '' on the back.  A comfy 100% cotton t-shirt (no tag!) with a fun alien on the front for only $13!  We carry both Youth and Adult sizes so even kids can wear them!

That's it for now!  Check back for more updates, and we'll see you soon.

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