Maker Faire Rome '14

Rome, Italy
October 2-5, 2014

I was invited by the co-curators of Maker Faire Rome, Riccardo Luna and Massimo Banzi, to participate in Maker Faire Rome 2014.  I was chosen to speak at the "20 Under 20" conference, attended by 1200 local high schoolers.  Ten of the speakers were English-speaking, mostly from the U.S., and 10 were Italians.  All were under 20 years of age and were "young innovators coming from all over the world (to) present their projects and ideas to change the future."  They included: Joey Hudy (the youngest Intel intern at 16), Cesare Cacitti (15 year old inventor of a new 3D printer), Super-Awesome Sylvia (science video creator),  Alberto Rizzoli, Giuseppe Dall’Agnese, Lennart Kleinwort (2nd place in the Intel Science Fair for an innovative mathematics application for hand-held devices), Nathan Han (1st place in the Intel Science Fair for a machine learning software to study breast cancer mutations), Katelyn Dunn, Giles Margaux and Karla Dana (inventors of a deployable mesh network for Wifi to be used in disasters), and me!


I also showed my inventions in Atmel's booth, along with SparkFun (teaching soldering skills), Dr. Mel Li (a mechanical engineer demonstrating Arduino with costumes), Bob Martin of Atmel, and Monique Martin (showing an interactive display that demonstrated beehive colony collapse). 

Here I am, setting up the booth

Here's some junior roboticists

With my friends Joey Hudy, Massimo Banzi, and Cesare Cacitti

Sherry Huss, VP of Maker Media, assigned me to give out eight "Maker of Merit" awards to my favorite Makers of the Faire.  One went to Mel Li, showing her Arduino based winged costume.  I really loved choosing my favorites amongst more than 500 displays - it was tough!.

It was a record-setting crowd, bringing in 90,000 people over the weekend, plus the 10,000 students on Education Day.  2013 Maker Faire had 35,000 participants.

The Faire ended on my interview with one of my favorite engineers, David Cuartielles, a co-founder of Arduino, and professor at Malmo University in Sweden.

Thank you to Massimo Banzi, Riccardo Luna and the entire team from Maker Faire Rome, Sherry Huss, Dale Daugherty, and to my friends at Atmel for a GREAT trip!!!

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