Maker Faire NY Recap ... Next to Rome!

I had a blast at Maker Faire NY this year! It was my first time there!

First, I got a tour of the amazing Marymount school of NYC. Jaymes Dec showed us their FabLab, which had a lasercutter, multiple 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, soldering irons, Arduino's, and more. He also helped me with soldering my project! :D Thanks, Jaymes!

Credit: Atmel

Next, I got to be on the Atmel: Maker and the Education Community panel!!! It was great! I was on the panel with Massimo Banzi, Reza Kazerounian, Suzanne Deffree, Brian Jepson, Annmarie Thomas, and Bob Martin (I'm the little guy on the far right in the picture). The moderator for the panel was Wendell from Evil Mad Science Labratories.

Later on Friday, I got a tour of Undercurrent, a cool digital design studio and consultancy. Jordan Husney, who I met through Digi, gave me a tour, and it is awesome!!! I'd like my company someday to look like their offices!

On Saturday, the Maker Faire NY started!! Thanks to Atmel for the booth space!!! I had such a great time exhibiting the FuzzBots, and my projects!

Also on Saturday, I got to make a 20 minute app with MakewithMOTO, and they gave me a cool Moduino!

On Sunday, I was interviewed a few times, even by Make: LIVE!

For the Qtechknow booth (part of Atmel), I walked away with both Educator's Choice and Editor's Choice!

I also got to meet up with Digi, and Rob Faludi!

Always a favorite at the faire: Deezmaker's 3D Printers! Also, Rich from Deezmaker walked around with their new awesome portable 3D printer, the Bukito!

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