Maker Faire Bay Area 2016

It's the big one! I attended my sixth Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo, California. I partnered again with Atmel, the Silicon Valley semiconductor company, and Microchip to showcase my "Black and White Photo Booth." I was lucky enough to meet up with many of my mentors that were also at the Faire. I even spent a whole afternoon with Bob Martin, Engineer extraordinaire from Atmel, and worked long into the night, modifying the build in order to create even more detailed prints.

The new mini printers - check out that print!

Ready to go! We were in a new location this year - the Maker to Market building

Atmel also partnered with Arduboy, Microduino, and Thimble - all of us were successfully funded on Kickstarter in the last year

It was fun to talk to all the Makers and explain how the printer worked

Craziness as usual - this time a giant metal squid!

One of my favorites again - Skyrf the Sand Writer by artist, Gijs van Bon

The best part of Maker Faire, however, is meeting up with all my Maker Friends and sharing ideas, projects, and fun!

The Maker-in-Chief for Atmel, Bob Martin

None other than David Cuartielles of Arduino

With Ytai Ben-Tsvi from IOIO and Google and friends

My mentors and friends, Sander Arts, recently of Atmel and Artie Beavis, Social Media guru at Atmel, Arduino, and

Q squared!

With my buddy, Skylar St. Leger

With Evil Mad Scientist's Lenore Edman and Windell Oskay

With Anouk Wipprecht, maker fashion genius

With Avidan Ross from Root Ventures, and thanks to my cousin Alyssa and her mom for all their help!

Hey, it's Bertier Luyt from Maker Faire Paris, and Jay Melican from Intel

My bud Omkar of O Watch fame, came to visit

With Omkar and his dad, Subhash of

With my friend, Thomas Suarez of Orb

with my mom and William Hooi from Singapore Maker Faire

With Adam Tal Benzion of, Massimo Banzi of Arduino, and Artie Beavis of Atmel

With Masakazu Takasu, my friend that I met at Shenzhen Maker Faire

It was a great Faire! Always thanks to Dale Dougherty and Sherry Huss for starting the whole thing! And many thanks to the team at Atmel/Microchip, especially Bob Martin, Michelle Ramos, Nadine Castillo, Agnes Toan, Dan Ujvari and Artie Beavis for giving me a space in the booth this year and just making things work smoothly! Along with Donna Castillo, Chris Garcia, and Sander Arts, the Atmel family has supported and encouraged me for many years, and showed me what amazing things can happen with real teamwork!

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