Maker Faire Bay Area 2015

I recently attended my fourth Maker Faire Bay Area on its 10th anniversary. It drew more than 150,000 people. Crazy! I participated in Atmel's booth again with four other Makers. My project was the B&W Photo Booth that combined a video camera taking photos and converting them into very cool, artistic black and white images and printing them on a small thermal receipt printer. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it, and we printed hundreds of photos over the two days. I received an Editor's Choice award from Make's book editor, Brian Jepson. What an honor! I have lots of new ideas to improve the project for New York and Rome....

I had a very nice mention in the San Jose Mercury News from Sherry Huss, VP of Maker Media, who started Maker Faires. The article said that I was "one of this year's favorites" and mentioned my Kickstarter project, Qduino Mini. Wow!

Thanks to the Atmel team for always supporting me. Sander Arts, Donna Castillo, Artie Beavis, Agnes Toan, Michelle Zamora, Christine Garcia, Nadine Castillo, Monique Belcher, Art the trailer captain, and Bob Martin, Engineer Extraordinaire, to name a few, have been so welcoming and generous to me and my family. And, to Mia, and my cousins Isabel and Sophia for helping out in the booth! Here are a few of Atmel's photos from the Faire -

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