"How the Maker Movement Connects Students to Engineering and Tech" with Quin

Producer Stephen Brown's (Mobile Digital Arts) short movie based on my adventure in education and making was released on  It was funded by a grant from the Noyce Foundation, whose goal is to "help young people become curious, thoughtful and engaged learners," and  it has a special interest in STEM education.   Edutopia is part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation whose goal is to "share evidence and practitioner-based learning strategies that empower teachers to improve K-12 education."  

I loved making this movie,and it was fun to see how it all came together.  Jim Hogeboom, Lucia Mar Unified School District Superintendent, Dale Dougherty of Maker Media, and several of my friends were also in the film.  


Stephen Brown, producer, Quin, and Matt the videographer

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