Design and Maker Class Colloquium

4 August 2017
Windward School
Los Angeles, California

What a fun conference!  Dorothy Lee and James Bologna of Windward School headed up a two day conference for educators, all about Making in schools.  I was sorry to miss AnnMarie Thomas the first day who delivered the first keynote.  On the second day, I was  a teaching assistant in the Intro to Arduino workshop with Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron of Nonscriptum, educational consultants and authors of some great books, including 3D Printed Science Projects, Volume 2:  Physics, Math, Engineering and Geology Models.  I was also invited to present a pre-keynote from my perspective.  I spoke about how Making has influenced me as a person and a student.  Everyone was so supportive and enthusiastic, which is very common at teacher conferences.  We then heard the other keynote from Jean Kaneko, an educator from L.A. who discussed, "Making Equity in School," which was very interesting.  I wish High Tech High was closer!

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