Deezmaker/Crashspace Classes

In August of last year, I taught an Intro to Arduino class at Crashspace, and the turnout was amazing!!! Ten adults and 8 kids came, and all of them came back with a new knowledge of some awesome Arduino skills! I used my custom ArduSensors for the ultimate hands on experience, and even students that were 8 years old got how all of the cicrcuits worked, and how to code!
This month, I'll be teaching another Arduino class, this time at the awesome Deezmaker Hackerspace! Diego's hackerspace makes tons of cool 3D Printers, and I encourage you to check them out. The class is open to both kids an adults, and as of right now, already 5 seats have been sold!

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You can learn a bunch from this awesome Intro to Arduino class! You don't have to have any knowledge of computer programming, or any advanced math concepts, you only need to know how to add and subtract!

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