Caltech Entrepreneur's Forum

I was invited to speak at the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum on November 9, 2013. The night before, I got to spend my birthday at the Athenaeum on the campus of Caltech, in the Einstein Room, courtesy of the Southern California MIT Alumni Association. It's where Einstein stayed when he worked at Caltech in the 1930's. Here I am, studying at Einstein's desk.

I represented Qtechknow at this event, and gave a short talk on how I started my company for makers who want to become entrepreneurs. Thanks to Alexander Auerbach who provided this video!

I was later on a panel discussion moderated by Joan Horvath from Deezmaker. The panel included (from the left), me, Luz Rivas, founder of DIY Girls, Tod Kurt, cofounder of Crashspace and inventor of ThingM, Nardo Manaloto, founder of Seedhit, and Francisco Zabala, CTO of Acrobotic.

It was fun, and at the end, Diego from Deezmaker presented a "Lifetime Achievement" award to me, and the whole audience sang "Happy Birthday"!

Thanks to the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum, the Southern California Alumni Association of MIT, and Joan Horvath for making a great weekend for me!

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