Atmel's Tech on Tour Visits Quin's High School

The Atmel Tech on Tour trailer was built by Atmel, the semiconductor company that sponsors my trips to Maker Faires. It usually brings high level technology classes to different universities and engineering and tech companies across the United States. The first time we saw the trailer was when I was in Washington, D. C. for the White House Maker Faire. It widens by opening up both side panels and becomes a large, high tech classroom.

Atmel volunteered to drive the trailer to my high school for free! One of my mentors, Bob Martin, a Senior Engineer and in charge of their outreach program for universities, would come and teach classes throughout the day.

The first try was in January - however, after driving the truck all the way from San Jose, CA, the rear door hydraulics broke, and no one was able to enter the truck. It ended up requiring a crane to lift it, and take it back to headquarters. However, Bob Martin still stayed and taught my Maker Class, as well as 5 other periods of CAD and animation tech classes with a presentation of technology, engineering, and electronics.

The second visit was a success! Bob had created a curriculum for building a robot that was programmed with Arduino. Atmel donated all the parts (about $2500), and the Maker Class built them over a period of about 4 hours. We will finish in class next week. Also, the whole student body was invited to tour the trailer while the class was going on, and hundreds visited the trailer which was parked in the front lot - you couldn't miss it! It was a very exciting day for the Maker class, the high school, and the whole community.
pictures courtesy of the LMUSD Facebook page by Amy Jacobs

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